Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There are dumb questions

I expect more from NPR. I usually get something good from NPR. Not today's report.

OK, I was listening to a report of the Virginia Tech shooting. There was an expert on school violence and security being interviewed by Ms. I-can't-think-of-a-decent-question. She asked the following:

Statisitcs say that there are three times more shootings in college campuses than there are in elementary schools. Is there something that elementary schools know that college campuses have yet to catch up on?

I know that this is a big crisis and that reporting with the current news demands is not an easy job.

I gues it just irritated me that the question was so blaming, so assuming and frankly, so stupid. A tragedy of this magnitude deserves more respect than this kind of reporting.

Thankfully the person interviewed gracefully answered the question outlining how an elementary school is like a large house and a college campus is like a city.

This is a call for better reporting and interviewing.

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Soren said...

Elementary schools know that it is much more difficult for an eight year old to obtain a gun. Duh!

These days I'm even happier that I didn't follow my early aspirations to become a journalist.