Thursday, April 12, 2007


How much of the talk you involve yourself in is really conversation?

OK, narrow it down by eliminating the following:

1. All "noise talk" is not conversation. Chatter overheard at work, the restuarant, the mall etc.

2. Most preaching and teaching is not conversation.

3. Functional, utilitarian, and business talk exchanges are useful, but not conversational. Commernce talk is not conversation.

4. Competitive talk is not conversation.

5. Most conversations at work either fall into category #3 or #4 or involve such a power differential that must be maintained that they are not conversation.

6. Family talk is often full of directions, practicalities, functions etc. Much, but not all, is not conversation.

7. Entertainment is not conversation.

Factor out all of this talk and what ever is left might be conversation. How much of it do you get? How much less do people who are oppressed get?

I am wondering if people who are oppressed, poverty-stricken, or lonely want real conversation more than anything else.

Oh, I should define conversation.

Conversation - Talk between people who believe each other is of equal value about that which personally matters to both people.

It is likely that most people have very little conversation.

It is likely that the conversations people actually have are with people who are very much like themselves.

The amount of cross-class, cross-race conversations that actully occur is very low.


Len said...

I miss our conversations.

MDAMAN said...

I'm sure there are also many unoppressed, financially stable, non-lonely people who crave conversation as you define it.

Fajita said...

Yes, this is true. Real live conversation is essential to life. Life meaning more than existence.