Monday, March 26, 2007

Tony Jones says...

...when other hermeneutics stagnate, deconstruction shouts, "There's more here, there's a perfect justice to be had, and we can't rest until we get there!"

And then he says more than that here.


john alan turner said...

Question: At some point in time, does deconstruction give way to reconstruction?

Fajita said...

I believe it does.

I wonder what Tony might say about that. My best guess is that he would agree that it does, but since there remains so much that needs to be deconstructed that the task of reconstruction is not on the horizon.


He might say that the two are not mutually exclusive. And if he said this, then one might wonder how something is deconstructed and reconstructed simultaneously. And then response might be something like, "How could they not happen simulatanouesly? Each is always happening, but the emphasis needs to be placed on deconstruction of old narratives that either no longer work or work against the actual nature of scripture - of God."

Only in deconstruction is there room for reconstruction. The die-hard nature of old narratives is that they are not easily dismissed. They are like Freddy Kruegger. You think that they are gone and there is room for something new, and BAM, there it is - uglier than ever - taking up highly prized hermenuetical real estate that could have been the stage for something new and better.

There is and -ing to this process, not an -ed.