Monday, March 19, 2007

Rules for March Madness

You should not trust what I am about to write since I never win, but here are my rules for March Madness (that I do not folow often).

1. Never pick fewer than 2 #1 teams for the final four.
2. Never pick 4 #1's for the final four.
3. Always pick 1 team with a rank of #6 or lower (worse ranking) to arrive in the Final Four.
4. The Big Ten will always disappoint you and no matter how many teams get bids, they will send one team to the Sweet 16 - maybe two on a good year.
5. The Big East will often disappoint you, but not as often as the Big Ten.
6. Bobby Knight gets worse every year and can no longer be trusted past the first round.
7. Gonzaga's run is over and it will be until 2015.
8. Pepperdine will rise again.
9. Flipping coins to pick is just barely worse than making informed picks.
10. Watching Sports Center increases a person's odds of winning by 10% and no more.


Beaner said...

I don't know all the "rules" and i HATE Basketball, but I have 14/16 teams in the Sweet 16. My husband is amazed & said I am beating his whole office pool. Now if only I have put some money on it!!! ;)

Fajita said...

How you doing now Beaner?

Beaner said...

yeah....not so good. 2/4 in the Final 4. Come on Ohio State!!!