Thursday, March 08, 2007

Should Japan Apologize For War Brothels?

Until a Korean friend of mine pointed this out to me, I was not aware of the hideous war brothels of Japan back in WWII. This kind of sex slavery is sickening and there is no reason for it to ever happen.

Japan will not formally apologize for this past sex slavery.

Read about it here and then go ahead and vote on the question in the lower left hand corner of the article.

As an American, this one really does hit close to home when you think of the worst of American history. Maybe there needs to more political and national apologies.

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Shump said...

Very interesting, I did not know that. I think there needs to be more open apologies across the board. Governments would be good place to start. People in general have problems with apologies because that would mean we have to admit that at sometime in our past we were wrong, and no one like to be wrong.