Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hints of Home

There's coming a day when I will arrive at the one place I long to be - Home. My longings satisfied, my fears evaporated, my hopes justified, my brokenness healed, my fractures mended, my relationships reconciled, my life completed.

I'm listening to Creed - "Higher." It's snowing outside in a beautiful display of huge snow flakes. Hope and beauty collide at this moment and I just want to go Home.

Can you take me higher,
To a place where blind men see?
Can you take me higher,
To a place with golden streets?

Ah yes, this is the hope I have as a flawed, but forgiven follower of Jesus.

This feeling, the one I have right now should be my single most powerful motivation to evangelize. Why be greedy with my hope?

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