Friday, March 11, 2005

Death To Octotic

The Spy Kids were at it again last night. The evil Octotic was wreaking havoc on the city. Octotic, if you don't know, is an 8 armed creature about the size of a gorilla. At the end of each of the 8 arms are rabid, bloodthirsty tics.

Webs and sticky gum could not contain Octotic like they did Mr. Mischief. Nope, it was going to take something more creative than that.

Then a call came from the Chief at headquarters.

"Our computer data tells us that you have to pour something on Octotic that you also pour on food."

The spy kids went to work. Soy sauce failed. Kethcup just made him mad. When they tried mustard, Octotic got a corndog in each hand and taunted them. Butter? Nope.

Salt? Yes, salt! The Spy Kids covered Octotic with salt and he melted like a slug. They put Octotic in the desert with a huge pile of salt in a circle all around him. A salt prison.

Justice was done.

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