Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lipscomb Family Therapy Center - a Place For Healing

This house is now officially the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center. This center is Lipscomb’s newest outreach to Green Hills, to Nashville, and to Middle Tennessee. It is our mission not merely to engage the community, but to make an impact on the community by providing high quality, affordable, and highly accessible mental health services for individuals, couples and families. In this house, some amazing things are going to happen. In this house there will be healing. 

Couples on the pathway to divorce will walk through the doors of this house and walk out of this house on the road to reconciliation, forgiveness, and relational healing.

In this house, people who fight the insidious and destructive powers of depression and anxiety will learn how to push back against these monsters and have joy and peace once again. 

In this house, parents and teens who can’t find a way to get along will find meaningful ways to refresh, renew or reclaim a meaningful relationship with each other. 

In this house, children who have been wounded, abused, and broken will find ways to heal, and grow and be children once again.

In this house, the wounds of the past that keep festering will find healing and relief. 

In this house, engaged couples will learn relational skills that will help their coming marriage for years and decades to come. 

In this house, people who have lost hope will find hope. 

Because inside of this house is holy ground. Within the walls of this house is sacred space where conversations are safe, where people can show their wounds, and where healing can begin. 

Let this be a house of healing.  

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