Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Inadequate Containers

Oh Eternity wrapped in flesh
So eager to expand
Pressing from within
With anxious impulse
And untamed energy

Like a hurricane in a thimble
A volcano in wine bottle
A tornado in the soul

You strange Gift
Feels so empty
Never so full
Feels so lonely
Never so close
Feels so afraid
Never so powerful
Perfection wrapped in imperfection

Perfect gifts given
To the imperfect
Have weight
Infinity swirling within
A body…
A glorious risk
A reckless faith
An experiment in Heaven’s lab

It is Love, no less
Spilled gleefully, endlessly
Into little fissured vats
Flawed and leaking
Not good at containing
Eternity must spill out
Just as it spills in

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