Friday, March 15, 2013

A prayer before departure

I go to carry you with me;
I go to find you;
I go to find me;
I go to serve you.

Layers upon layers
Of toil
Of stress
Of complications
Of manic pace
Cover my heart
Numb my soul
Consume my intellect and
Tamp down my passion,

But I seek an uncovered heart
A sensitive soul
A freed intellect
And an emerging passion

To give the best of me
To the best of you
To serve the most beautiful of creatures
The world will ever witness
The young images of God

Those whose image has been attacked
By the evil of launching such an assault
On the young images

They are free and they shall forever be
May their hearts be freed
Like their bodies are now freed
May their souls be freed
Like their bodies are free
May their minds be freed
Like their bodies are free.

Free me to free them
Free them to free me.

I beg for freedom
For healing
For hope
For peace

I beg for love to be born of wounds
For hope to be born of despair
For goodness to be born of evil
For freedom to be born of slavery.

Let us all be free

1 comment:

Len said...

You write beautifully and with the ability to stir emotions.