Monday, April 25, 2011

Sermon on the Mount 16: Worry, worryworryworryworry

Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34

Focus: Worry

Reflection: You can live only one moment at a time. You can’t live both now and later. You can’t live both now and back then. You can live now. Living now is living to capacity. There is no way to fit anything else in there.

Should we plan for the future? Sure. Should reflect on and learn from the past? Of course. But there is a difference between planning and worrying; there is a difference between reflection and regret. How we live now may be informed by the future or the past, but we must confuse them. Now is now.

How much now has been missed by displacing it with possible future nows that have their own space later, if they are even to come about at all? Worry about the future is a set up for regret for the past.

Now deserves your full attention. Now deserves your best effort. Now is expecting you.

You’ve got questions? You’ve got uncertainty? You’ve got confusion? Of course you do. All the more reason to respect now. There is nothing that can be done before it is now. Those questions, uncertainties, and confusions will be addressed in their time. There is a now for each of them. But it isn’t this now. 

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