Sunday, April 24, 2011


After the darkest day of their lives, after the death of hope, after all was lost, a rumor began. Perhaps hope was not gone. Could it be that Jesus was alive?

It was not believable. He was as a dead a Roman cross could get someone. No one survived that sort of thing. People saw him take his last breath. He was dead. So any talk of him being alive was at best a mistake, but more than likely delusional. People don’t raise from the dead.

But there kept being more people claiming to see Jesus in the flesh, walking around. How? How could a delusion spread like this? Maybe it was a conspiracy. Desperate people do desperate things. Maybe a political uprising based on a story.

The number of people claiming to see him grew, but they had no agenda. They were not seeking power. They were full of joy or caught into disbelief, as though the impossible were swallowed by the undeniable. People were re-hoping.

If it were true, if Jesus had been dead for over 50 hours and now was walking among people again, then a lot of things were true.

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