Friday, June 13, 2008

The Best Is No More

Hearing the news today that Tim Russert collapsed and died was fully unbelievable. He was the best politcal news commentator, moderator, and question-asker - period.

The way he approached political commentary and reporting gave politics the energy of a good sporting event without demeaning or degrading the importance of the subject. Russert was smart, insightful and most of all totally fair.

He was so engaged with the topic of politics, it so intrigued him that it was next to impossible for his enthusiasm to be avoided. He was completely contagious.

Tim, you will be missed sorely this historic election year. I so looked forward to your words about Obama and McCain as they drew nearer to election day. I was counting on you to ask questions which made me think, "Yeah, that's what I wanted to know."

Good-bye, Tim.

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