Wednesday, June 11, 2008

30 mpg? BS

I want to go on record that I am insulted by TV commercials that tout 30 MPG cars as efficient. What a crock. Only two vehicles sold in the US get over 40 mpg, and those are hybrids. In Europe, the AVERAGE mpg is 40. In the US it half that - 20 mpg.

When the technology is available right now to get 100 mpg, why are we bragging about 30 mpg? When is the ever-suffering Detroit ever, EVER going to get a clue that Americans don't want 30 mpg, they want 100 mpg? If Detriot would ever have the courage to get out of bed with oil companies it would benefit the entire world, Americans first. If Detroit made a real commitment to the electrification of transportation, the world would follow. But you know what, Japan is going to do it - and the world will follow.

Detroit is gutless.
Politicians are either too gutless or self-defeatingly idealistic.
Americans are too complacent to rally.


MichaelPolutta said...

"When is the ever-suffering Detroit ever, EVER going to get a clue that Americans don't want 30 mpg, they want 100 mpg?"

This statement (portrayed as fact) is based on what, exactly? Buying patterns that I am aware of do not support this claim. Apparently market research (based on the automaker's offerings) does not support this claim either.

I am not saying that 100MPG is not a laudable goal. However, most hybrids (and/or full-electric cars) have costs that are generally not taken into account when comparing MPG. Not to mention the issues with disposal and replacement of tired batteries...

Fajita said...

Are buying patterns not subject to availability of vehicles, expectations driven by marketing, and false beliefs generated by the people selling cars (and everypne influencing them)?

When Americans are offered an affordable hybrid and/or electric, they will buy them up like hot cakes.

What bothers me about the related global climated change conversation is that the liberals usually overstate the problem (and use deception like Al Gore) and conservatives discount the whole thing.

I include this in my response because it influences enough people that the hybrid/electric car thing is a manipulation of environmentalists. Millions of people believe in just this way. Buying patterns are influenced by this false belief.

The only thing strong than this propaganda, for many Americans, is money. For each 10 cents a gallon increase for gas, another sliver of the American population starts thinking about hybrids and I am sure at every dollar the num is even higher.

If Detroit wants to be heroic, they would be taking the lead in 40 mpg or 50 mpg. They would get so much good attention.