Saturday, August 18, 2007

God and Family: Intro

I am starting a short series on God and Family. This series is not going to be patriotic, as the title might sound to some. It is not going to be a preachy or moralizing about how people should be in nuclear families and people in "broken" families are less. It is not going to exalt one kind of family and diminish another.

Instead, it is going to focus on how God takes a tremendous risk in entrusting family, in its many forms, with the task, responsibility, and beauty to love.

Part 1 will deal with God as love and entrusting Hmself to families.
Part 2 will deal with personal identity related to family
Part 3 will deal with family identity
Part 4 will deal with family as a context for celebration and healing
Part 5 will deal with family as an unfolding story of love

There, that ought to whet your appetite and it ought to commit to me actually writing these thoughts out.

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