Thursday, February 08, 2007

I go to this church

Click here to see a video on my church.

What do you like?

What bothers you?


Nancy said...

The only thing that bothered me is that I saw women commenting "behind the scenes," but I didn't see any women actually speaking/teaching/encouraging in front of the group, except for the one who seemed to be serving in more practical role, directing what seemed to be a communion service?

If women actually DO have a teaching role in the church, they should definitely indicate so in the video.

If they DON'T fill any such roles, then that is a problem for me.

Fajita said...

Nancy, good observation. Women serve in many public roles. Last month, a woman did the whole sermon. Gender is not an issue.

DJG said...

I saw a lot of things I liked...not anything that bothered me....

Hope you are finding the spiritual food that you need there.

Anonymous said...

I liked the guy's backward hat!

:) LW

Winsome.One said...

There is a lot of talk (which I'm fine with), but I want to see more God. And not just the kind that comes through people's gracious acceptance of each other -- we get plenty of that in non-Christian communities too. I want to see more of God that shows up in the miraculous that is attributable to the work of the Holy Spirit.

People doing things, tranforming structure, for people. That's fine, but nothing truly incarnational in my mind. Lead me to the Jesus of the Bible, in whatever way, I don't care. That, for me, would be church.