Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pre-Christian Creed

I believe,
I believe in Something,
I believe in Something, besides me.

I believe in Something;
It’s more than the air I breathe;
It’s more than gravity;
It’s more than all I see,
And Something wants me free.

I believe in Something,
And I know it's not Nothing;
I’m just sure it’s Something;
I couldn’t kill it if I tried;
It’s everywhere; I can’t hide,
Something wants me Alive,
So I’m hoping,
And my heart’s wide open.

I believe,
I believe there is a Way,
A Way from Nothing,
A Way from here.

I believe,
I believe that Something’s True,
Something is for me and you
Something’s old,
And Something’s new.

I believe,
I believe in Something,
Something like Water;
Something like Bread.

I believe,
I believe Something lasts forever.

I believe,
I believe Something’s good,
I believe that I could…
Be something…
If I only knew Something.

1 comment:

Steve said...

I believe this is cool.