Saturday, January 08, 2005

Post-restorationist: A teaser

I read on the Blog of Adam Ellis, a few months back that he considers himself a post-restorationist so far as church goes, or movement affiliation goes, or something like that. It is the first time I had ever heard that term. According to Google, he is the only one to have ever used that term. I immediately knew what it meant, a little bit, kind of, well, not so much really. Anyway, I knew what I wanted it to mean.

So, since it is a relatively new term, over the next several posts, I will add my 2 cents in hopes for a definition. Actually, I will probably add about 10 cents. They may be a pair of wooden nickels, but I think they are worth 10 cents.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about and have not clicked away to a more exciting (relevant) blog by now, I am talking church, religion and a religious movement that began in the early 1800's known as the American Restoratin Movement. It launched three major Christian (dare I say it) denominations. Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Churches, and Disciples of Christ.

I am a child of the Churches of Christ of the American Restoration Movement. In my next few posts, I will be making a plea of sorts to Churches of Christ and RM churches to, as my good friend Kent Smith once said, "find out what is yet to be restored." In other words, if someone were a post-restorationist, what would they be doing?

Feel free to invite your C of C or RM friends in on this conversation. It will begin this week.

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David U said...

Fajita, I eagerly await your posts this week! I consider myself a Christian first, but I also VERY MUCH relate to the concept of "Post-Restorationist". I know you will have deep and rich thoughts to share with us about this topic that is on the front burner these days.

Looking forward to it!