Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Praise Goes On

I am listening to a song by Chris Rice called, "The Praise Goes On." It's a beautiful. He makes a case that God is worshiped by all of creation, constantly. Stars twinkling, the moon glowing, the coming dawn, the wamth of morning, the chasing of the stars and moon by the sun, forests arms raised...and people. God is praised whether people praise Him or not. We merely join in on something that has been happening forever.

Even in death the praise goes on. The grave cannot silence the voice of those who love God.

I think praise to be a romantic expression which notices what is true. God is good, beautiful, strong, gently, compassionate, loving. It's not that God demands our praise, but rather that praise is telling the truth.

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Brandon Scott said...

beautiful post, bro! You are so right on. Thanks for linking folks to ZOE "WORHSIP". :) HA! I can't wait to see you guys next week. I'm pumped that we'll all be there. Glad we're family. I love you.