Monday, August 29, 2016

A Prayer For White Awakening (Get Woke)

A Prayer For White Awakening (Get Woke):
God of wisdom. God of mercy. God of reconciliation, unity and peace, we gather together:
to engage discomfort as a reach for healing
to risk releasing anxious self-protection as a reach for connection
to inquire what humility might ask of us as a reach for wisdom

God, convert us!

May we notice times when we feel defensive and convert that defensiveness for self to affirmation for our sisters and brothers who experience injustice
May we notice times when we feel resistance and convert that resistance into generosity to share our lives with our sisters and brothers 
May we notice how comfortable we have become with the privilege we do not even see and convert our energies from protecting our unseen privilege to sharing comforts of new friendships

May we notice that the desire not to be racist does not alone eradicate our participation in racism
May we notice that we participate in social systems that perpetuate generous distributions of privilege to us and meager distributions of privilege to others. 
May we love our sisters and brothers enough not to be paralyzed by guilt when we begin to notice these things

Give us eyes to see right through our own privilege
Give us ears to hear oppression in our own voices
Give us humility not merely to see and to hear, but to acknowledge 
Give us the wisdom to adjust our lives because of what we have seen and have heard
Give us the courage to leverage what privilege we have FOR, NOT OVER, our sisters and brothers. 
Infuse within us a grace so genuine that our very actions become the healing apologies for sins that have reverberated for generations and for centuries

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