Wednesday, June 01, 2016

It's Just Politics

It’s Just Politics

When the ocean mocked the desert's thirst, 
When the mountain taunted the flat prairie,
When the tree dismissed the flower,
When all creation turned on itself,
In self-preservation,
The planet slowly went dark and cold,
Slowly slipping into eternal night,

And then 
          Blizzardmidnight! allatonce,
Stopping clocks,
Stopping Seraphim,
Stopping meaning,

Everyone found a way to be alone
And forgetful
And terribly busy

          Oh for a dash of purpose,
Sandpounders whimpered.
But from somewhere big,


Shouted some light,
And that was it,
But that was enough,
The Lightvoice echoed,
Like the universe was a canyon,
One word broke a hole,
In the dark.
And the dark was beyond repair.
The dark now riven, 
Gashed mercilessly by Mercy
Gushing Light of Mercy
          Gosh I needed Mercy

Can't stop blinking
We again 
Finally, we again

Chris J. Gonzalez
31 May 16

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