Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am not a person by myself

I take my paint
            And my make-up
            And my brains
            And my muscles
            And my avatars
            And my Twitter handle
And I keep telling the world who I am
            Who I want them to know I am
            Who I wish they would believe I am
            Who I hope someone might get fooled and think I am
                        Someone I don’t even believe exists
                                    But seems better than…

Better than that one in the mirror
Because the mirror can get so lonely
            When there is a stranger looking back

I need your love
            I need it directly from you
            I need it indirectly, flowing through people around me

How in Hell am I supposed to know who I am
            In the Hell of isolation?
            In the Hell of apartness?
            In the Hell of all by myselfness?
            In the Hell of secrecy and hiddenness and loneliness

I am not safer by myself;
I am not even a person by myself.

Help me build me in you and in those you put around me 

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