Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Decorating a Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas Trees

Between blatantly intentional
            And helplessly random;
Between concrete fact
            And magically inventive;
            Between true recollections
            And recollections understood as truth,
I hand pick life events
            From the stores of life events
Stacked up in closets
Stuffed under beds
Buried in the backyard
Junk left here by friends
Some events large
Some small
Some just made up
I string them along
Like popcorn and cranberries
Hanging on Grandma’s Christmas tree
And that’s my story

I hang it up on the tree
For all to see
Right next to Aunt Judy’s wooden elf
            A story of her own
And Great Grandma’s handmade tinsel
            A story no one really believes
And this weird glass snowman
            That appears each year,
            But no one knows whose it is

I hang it on the tree
For all to see
            With reruns of War of the Worlds
                        Playing on the radio
            With wall to wall news of wars
Playing on the television
With culture wars songs
                        Playing on an ipod

This is my story
This is my song

Inside of your story

Inside of your song

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