Monday, September 01, 2014

Night Visitor

It whispers to the soul,
While  asleep at night;
A lie? A warning?
Hollywood in head,
Boulder on chest, 
Naive hopes at 9,
That 11 will bring any rest

It riots between neurons, 
While asleep at night;
A disease? A disorder?
Snuff out serotonin smiles;
Gas to cortisol flames;
Microscopic wildfires,
Igniting burning shame.

It hovers and stares, 
While asleep at night;
A devil? A demon? 
Blood chums waters,
Circling soul-shark;
Swallowing whole the light;
With its lust for the dark;

Awakened by the whisper, 
Awash in panic -
So far from the sun,
In the company of a ghost,
In the company of none;
In the company of no one;
In the company of know One;
In the company of Known One.




Madaline Barnes said...

Chris, your stuff always moves me deeply. I am so glad to have known and worked with you. I sure hope your students realize what a blessing they have in you.

Tangentially, I have been asked to put together an adult
Bible study series, tentatively titled "The Bible and everyday emotional health" or maybe "God's take on staying sane in an insane world." I would love to use some of your stuff in my materials, some of the poems and that superb little essay on confession. If you say no, that's okay, but you can't stop me from borrowing the ideas ;-). All with proper credit either way of course.

Fajita said...

Thanks. I think the same of you as I recall our work together in St. Paul.

Feel free to use whatever I have posted. It would be an honor to be part of such a great project.