Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Bible That Never Was

The Bible never was a
  • rule book
  • moral code
  • therapy manual
  • weapon
  • history book
  • work of fiction
  • lie
  • decent piece of literature
  • science textbook
  • reason to hate, oppress, torture and kill
  • exclusive esoteric document
  • allegory
  • proof
  • political platform
  • complete genealogy
  • philosophy
  • religious text
  • creative writing project
  • treatise on family values
  • how-to book for marriage
The Bible is a generative and progressive, multi-authored, multi-genred, creatively inspired account of a creator engaging a creation.

1 comment:

CMc said...

My personal addition to what it is NOT...a chronology

And to what it IS...His Word declaring I AM