Monday, April 15, 2013

In Ghana...

·         I drank water from a bag

·         I got my hair cut for 2 Cedis (1 dollar) in a Ghanaian  fishing village

·         I ate “Red Red” and liked it

·         I walked through 6 villages on Lake Bosomtwe

·         I met a village boy named Elvis

·         I was called, “Abruni,” about 500 times (it means “white person”

·         I met the Queen Mother of the region

·         I drank 5 liters of water before going to the bathroom – because in Ghana, you’re going to sweat A LOT!!!

·         I bought fabric in a Ghanaian market

·         I was accosted by street vendors in Accra and bought NOTHING (you have no idea how hard that was)

·         I rinsed bugs out of the shower every morning before showering

·         I made my peace with frequent power outages

·         I wept when the children sang

·         I danced around a bamboo bonfire

·         I lay under a rainless lightning storm

·         I got into a massive powder paint fight with 47 Ghanaian children

·         I met the governor of the Ashanti region

·         I rode in a van on the worst road in the known universe

·         I made some amazing friends

·         I flew Starbow airlines

·         I ate Ghanaian chocolate (yummy)

·         I bought a shirt from a Ghanaian named Bismark

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