Thursday, January 17, 2013

When I found a good day

When I found a good day,

I was knew it worth something,

Into the pocket of my mind it went,

Never to be forgotten;

Never to be neglected;

Good days are never promised;

They provide no promise on their own;

They exist singularly;

They occupy their space.


When I found a good day,

I knew it was worth something,

And only so big;

How could a good day get bigger than it is?

I wondered and wondered.

Some people get precious few good days;

Some people – none at all;

Perhaps if I shared the good day it would grow -

Turn physics on its ear,

Create more energy than it had mass?

Could it be the only way to stretch a good day

Is share it – share it without delay?


When I found a good day,

I knew it worth something,

And I knew you had a part in it.

Thanks you, for today could have gone so wrong,

So terribly terribly wrong,

But it didn’t,

You wouldn’t let it,

And I cannot pay you back,

For the economy good days is not a fair exchange,

I must honor you,

I must find someone short on good days,

And stick one in the pocket of their mind.

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