Wednesday, May 30, 2012



Nature is constantly telling the truth. There is a conversation nature is having with us, and if we dare to listen, we might hear a truth that can change our lives. In nature, we might just hear the voice of God. Here are some of the truths I heard nature tell me in a recent trip to Fall Creek Falls, a state park in Tennessee.

  • Life is normal, but so is death.
  • Beauty is free, but not unlimited.
  • Freedom demands wisdom and refuses to protect a person from bad decisions.
  • There is room for lots of different creatures.
  • I am small.
  • I am huge.
  • There are forces that exist that are impossible to resist – and most of them are good.
  • There is song, laughter, and applause that does not depend on the presence of humans.
  • Nature enjoys a relationship with humans more than ownership by humans.
  • Nature is generous.
  • The story of life is told once a year and the storytellers are the trees.
  • Nature doesn’t require an audience, but doesn’t mind one either.
  • Nature isn’t worried about death or taxes.
  • Beauty can induce a blessed and refreshing forgetfulness.
  • The storehouses of inspiration are unlimited.
  • When everyone does what they are meant to do, no one gets exploited.
  • There is enough.
  • Process outlasts content every time.
  • Nature is self-cleansing, self-restoring, and self-contained.
  • Respect is always appropriate.

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