Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ambiguous Loss

We weren’t expecting this;

Now there’s a hole,

Where we thought we’d stand,

We’re face down -

In a hole.

A large hole.

A cave.


Lots of ambiguous space here –

Weird things here.

What’s that smell?

Something is dead…right?

The hole we’re in looks like the hole in me;

In us.


So much doesn’t mean anything;

Even familiar things can’t mean what they used to;

All the labels fell off;

Nothing sticks like it used to.

I’m angry,

We had labeled them ourselves.

We had agreed.

It will take forever to label everything here.

I don’t even know if it’s worth it.


Can we go home now?

How could this be home?

My body arrived, but my heart found some other place to be.

Home is where?

The distance between me and the rest of me is measured in ache.


I am at a loss, an ambiguous loss.

All I know for sure is that certainty is out of reach,

But for God’s sake, hand me the Sharpie!

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