Sunday, September 13, 2009

The World Suffers in Ignorance of You

If people of the world only knew you,
How better they would be,
At living their lives
At finding their lives
Useful and healthy and free

They’d find uses and meanings,
For broken down things,
Life in old tables and chairs and screens;
Repurposing spindles and windows and doors;
(re)Creating whatever they touch;
Taking so little;
Making so much,

Let nothing be wasted

They’d find flavor and taste,
In surprising places;
Neither bags, nor boxes, nor even cartons;
Plucked from trees and vines or dug from the ground;
Close to the source;
Delicious indulgence;
No remorse;

Let health be tasted

They’d break some rules and customs and traditions;
Innocent Rebels;
Meaning for performance and movement and action;
Dancing through life on common senses;
To move is to mean;
Parroting? Waste!
Morally clean.

The world suffers in ignorance of you;


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