Friday, November 21, 2008

Top 10 Irritating Phrases Unmasked

Bradley Wright let's us know what is getting under the skin of researchers at Oxford. Here is what is bothering them with my explanations:

The top ten most irritating phrases:
1 - At the end of the day - I just said a whole bunch of stuff that I know was irrelevant and don't care that you weren't listening, but I want you to get this one point.

2 - Fairly unique - There is absolutely nothing in the world just like this one, except there are a few things that are pretty much just like it, but they are few in number.
You should buy this because it is valuable and rare...BUY IT NOW!!!!!!

3 - I personally - Proper language for fake plactic tree people who have no personality.

4 - At this moment in time - Now. Jack Bauer never, EVER says, "At this moment in time," because lives depend on econommy of language. He either says, "Now," "Now, dammit," or "ChloedammitNOW!"

5 - With all due respect - I do not respect you nor do I believe you are due any respect.

6 - Absolutely - I want you to think I really, superduper really, mean something because my YES is not enough - and I have no self esteem.

7 - It's a nightmare - (Usually accompanied witt an overly dramatic eyeroll). It was bad, but I have limited vocabulary, and I want to try to get you to say "Oh my God,," or better yet, "OMG." (If the responder DOES give in with an OMG, then the manipulation was successful).

8 - Shouldn't of - I messed up and don't read much.

9 - 24/7 - 3 remainder 3

10 - It's not rocket science - Almost nothing is actually rocket science, so this phrase is not making anything more clear. Scientists who use scientific methods for inquiry about rockets are the only ones who are doing rocket science. Calling something not rocket science is like calling something not the Bayesian Information Criteria. Depite the truth to the claim, little, if anything , is ruled out when using this phrase in fforts to points toward what "it" is.


Anonymous said...

"Having said that..."

Keith Brenton said...

When the rubber meets the road - It's time to buy a new packed of Trojans.

That begs the question - Actually, it probably prompts the question. "Begging the question" is a logical fallacy in which the conclusion is simply assumed, rather than proven.

IMHO - This is true, I believe it, and if you don't, you are a stupidheaded dumbunny. Nah, nah, nah.

It is what it is - So just give up. You can't change it. Quit trying. Especially when "it" is me.

Anonymous said...

Add "my bad" to the list - does it really take that long to apologize for your own stupidity?

NM said...

I agree with this list, especially "at the end of the day!"

"Low hanging fruit" is another irritating one...

John said...

'Touch base'

John said...

'Touch base'