Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fighting Against Injustice - You Can Help

One of my professors (Dr. Waymon Hison) from my masters programs back in the day at Abilene Christian Univeristy (ACU)began a good work in advocating for Black farmers in the south. These farmers have been and continue to be getting a raw deal when interacting with government. They are discriminated against frequently - YES, in this day and age it is going on.

His work has grown and it has really become a tremendous mission. He blogs about it here. He has involved students in some direct ways. His involvement of students in this project is important because these students will have an experience with social justice that they will carry with them into their careers, churches, and families. Students getting involved in social justice has powerful implications for the future.

Dr. Hinson is taking several ACU students to a conference in North Carolina, but he needs your help in getting the students from Abilene, Texas to North Caroline and back. If you have frequent flier miles from American Airlines or any other carrier that can and are willing to donate, please e-mail Dr. Hinson and let him know. He estimates each student needing 25,000 miles in order to make it work.

National Black Farmers Association

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