Wednesday, July 14, 2004

More Pressing Issues?

With the vote on a gay marriage ban in the senate now concluded, and defeated, we can get on with the more pressing issues. That seems to be the mood of opposers of the amendment. I guess I should apologize for caring about a moral issue. Poverty of all kinds wreak havoc on the fabric of our society. Finanacial poverty is a problem, environmental poverty is a problem, but so is moral poverty. Homosexualty is an issue of moral poverty.

The problem, however, is complex. We (the United States Government, churches, etc) have lowered the bar on marriage so far that any justification for banning same-sex marriage rings hollow. Adultery is winked at, divorce is epidemic, and the grwoth of cohabitation is outpacing every other kind of family construction.

We microwave outselves into marriage, consume it, and dispose of it. We treat our marriages in the same manner as we treat a frozen dinner. On what grounds do we have the moral credibility to do this?

I believe it is a moral issue, but who can stand for preserving marriage as between a man and a woman in a convincing way? Mother Teresa, where are you?

This is the Second Civil War.

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jegtogo said...

I think gay and homosexual people are going to heaven. Their sin is no different than mine.

This does not mean I think it is right. A raging man beats his wife. That mans actions are wrong, regardless if he does jail time or not. But God made him with lots of anger... who am I to say he should not beat his wife. Me? I am nobody... but God is somebody. Certain things are very clear.

As with anyone who sins, Jesus set into motion and confirmed our eternal stream of forgiveness. Angry men go to heaven, homosexuals go to heaven. Other confused sorts of people do as well.

Above all else, the defining issue, question or situation here is choice. Choice is more powerful than nature... and thank God, Jesus is too.